13. Februar 2016

Back to New Year's Eve

That was my Outfit for new year's eve. My parents had organized an Event for the whole family. Even my cousins from norway were there. For me it was a very special day and Night because I missed that kind of events where I can celebrate with my family. But there were some people who didn't really seem to be happy because they couldn't accept the fact that my family is Perfect. I mean we organized games and dances ect. And all we wanted was to make everyone enjoy the day but those faces looking at us (some of my 'cousins' actually) they weren't very enjoying the Time but enjoying hating us. I was very sad about that because my mum did such an AMAZING Job. She made so much food and she did her best and some people don't even appreciate that. That's so disrespectful. After that I've sworn to myself that I won't invite those People to my Wedding, haha. Sounds very selfish but I don't need so much negativity in my life. So the only one I missed on the event was my love. He couldn't be there because he already had Plans with his family and I didn't want to force him to come.