22. März 2016


3. März 2016


It's my second week without college and I like it. I just don't have any freetime to take photos of my outfits. I don't even go out or enjoy my days. Currently I'm doing an intership at an elementary school. So I have some photos of my past posts.

23. Februar 2016


This is a quick post about my products I used on this picture. I only used drugstore products which I got online on kosmetic4less. Hope you understand the first photo. Well I did my best and I hope you guys like it.

Love ya!<3

17. Februar 2016


I've been very busy yesterday. I was studying for my exam today. Now I'm relaxing a little because I'm gonna continue tomorrow for my next and last exams for this semester. I will be so happy when it's done :D because in those days I'm not really stylish or even available to the outside world. I focus too much on college sometimes that I don't realize which day or even month we have. So here I've got my Instagram pictures for you because, you know now, I wasn't very stylish in the last view days, which means that I don't have anything to show you.

15. Februar 2016


Actually we need more place for all of our stuff. But at least we have this room. When we moved inn in our apartment we wanted nothing but a room where all our clothes fit in. We didn't even want a bed so that we can save money for a closet but Ikea made it possible and we could get the closet and everything else for the whole apartment.
For those one who asked me how we could have so many shoes. Well, I never chuck away shoes :D. I only donated half of them to the red cross. So some of my shoes are maybe from 2010. and now 6 years old!
Btw. I myself have built the whole closet. I'm superwoman !

14. Februar 2016

Happy v-day

Happy v-day everyone!
I had a GREAT day with my boo. He was at work this morning so we decided to have a relaxed valentines day at his home. We spent time with his family. So for me it was a perfect day. Maybe I'm oldfashioned but I like beeing home with the family and telling stories and trinking some tea. I don't know but I'm actually not born to party hard on valentines day or on any other days anyway :D.
Here I've created my personal casual valentines outfit. It's comfy but still pretty. 
So now valentines day is almost over and I hope you guys had a good day <3
Love ya!

13. Februar 2016


I took these photos when we were in Fuerteventura, Spain. I miss summer, beach and wearing dresses. I only have two more exams to survive then I have a periode of practical training for a month. Then it's already summer and I can live again :D 'cause I don't feel like I'm living yet. My sisters, Mum and I decided to vacation in Greek this time. I think my aunt is gonna come with us. It'll be much fun, again. And I also want to another vacation with my boyfriend. But we will see. I just need summer right now<3 Look! How beautiful those trees look.

Back to New Year's Eve

That was my Outfit for new year's eve. My parents had organized an Event for the whole family. Even my cousins from norway were there. For me it was a very special day and Night because I missed that kind of events where I can celebrate with my family. But there were some people who didn't really seem to be happy because they couldn't accept the fact that my family is Perfect. I mean we organized games and dances ect. And all we wanted was to make everyone enjoy the day but those faces looking at us (some of my 'cousins' actually) they weren't very enjoying the Time but enjoying hating us. I was very sad about that because my mum did such an AMAZING Job. She made so much food and she did her best and some people don't even appreciate that. That's so disrespectful. After that I've sworn to myself that I won't invite those People to my Wedding, haha. Sounds very selfish but I don't need so much negativity in my life. So the only one I missed on the event was my love. He couldn't be there because he already had Plans with his family and I didn't want to force him to come.

12. Februar 2016

Back on it!

Hey Guys!
It's been a very long time without blogging now and I missed that SO much.
I've been through a lot since the last time I wrote in here.
I'll tell you all about that.

1. So a lot has happend. On 10th august me and my sisters moved to our new apartment. Well turned out that it's was all just hell ant not a fairytale. We had some difficulties with our landloard, so we looked again for a new apartment. Thank to our friend we finally found one. BUT we had so much to do. Now we have our perfect apartment and a perfect closet. <3

2. I changed college and went from University Bielefeld to University of Duisburg-Essen. I was studying law and that was boring as hell. Now I'm in a teaching-training course with my two sisters.

3. Even my Lovelife changed :D. Its not what you think. I'm still with Eduard. But since I moved to Essen we don't have much time for eachother. I only see him once in a week. We were always together before I moved away. I mean we were together at highschool and then in college. I never felt like I miss him. I realized that by being apart from him I actually feel closer. We celebrated our 4th annversary in october. We have been through a lot together. And I hope we will stay together forever. I really believe in that.

4. I turned 22 last week :)


Our hall of fam <3

Little sister's and my room

Ronny's room

Me in our closet. Just a small part of it. Wait untill you see the whole room

8. Oktober 2015

All black everything

//Currently I'm in love with black clothes. It's not about feeling bad or somehting. I just feel very comfortable in black.
After moving inn in my new apartment I felt like I don't need all my colorful stuff. I gave some of my clothes to my aunt or gave them to people in need. 
I hate having stuff in my closet for so many years without wearing them. I think there might be people who would be very happy for having them. Besides, my sister works in a refugee camp. So she could gave some girls everything.

6. Oktober 2015


//Here I have another Look from last week in Menorca.
Yes! We could go out like that. It was like 25 degrees. Pretty warm.